A clinical trial is a type of research that studies a test or treatment given to people. Clinical trials study how safe and helpful tests and treatments are When found to be safe and helpful

A registry is defined as an organization or website that either: lists clinical trials being conducted (or that have recently been conducted) provides a mechanism for patients or others to register their interest in participating in a clinical trial provides a link between potential participants and clinical trials.

Following the Ministerial Summit on Health Research that took place in Mexico City, Mexico, in November 2004, participants called for the WHO to facilitate the establishment of: "a network of international clinical trials registers to ensure a single point of access and the unambiguous identification of trials". This was further expanded on during the 58th World Health Assembly in Resolution WHA58.22 that called on the global scientific community, international partners, the private sector, civil society, and other relevant stakeholders to: "establish a voluntary platform to link clinical trials registers in order to ensure a single point of access and the unambiguous identification of trials with a view to enhancing access to information by patients, families, patient groups and others".

WHO/ICTRP mandate to establish a trial registry at the conveniences places for researchers. [Note: Drug Act 2035 mentioned any person who intends to carry out a clinical trial of any new drug shall obtain a license from the department, as prescribed, for such trial. For conducting the clinical trial in Nepal, medicine registration guidance (Issued under Drug Registration Regulation 2038) section 2.18 mentions an approval of Nepal Health Research Council (NHRC) and other government-approved agencies are required.]

· Trail Protocol (Proposal) · Approved ethical clearance letter · Agreement letter from study site · Researcher profile

· Worldwide researchers · Industry/Company [Note: Mainly focused for Nepali Researchers]

· Go through the online portal (npctr.nhrc.gov.np). · Fulfill all data set · Will get unique identification number


· Meeting minute · Audit report of WHO

It is not a profitable platform. All the trails will be registered free of cost.

They will get the NPCTR number and that number will be equivalent to WHO/ICTRP. Researchers will publish their manuscript at any PubMed index journal or journal of ICMJE mandate group.

Will be functional according to the policy and mandate of WHO/ICTRP Will be a primary registry

All registries are the same but it will be in Nepal.

Yes, all types of trails including community trials, medical trials. etc.